How much does it cost?

I imagine this is mostly what you want to know. What I charge depends on the job and we can negotiate a specific price. That said, here are my standard prices:

* Single studio portrait (producing a single final image): $200

* Multiple studio or natural light portraits: $125 each

* Large group photo (10+ people): $300

* Event or wedding: please email me

* Original digital RAW files: 1-5: $20 each; 6-20: $16 each; over 21: $12 each

What do I get for the fee?

The fee covers all my basic services, including travel, set up, post-processing, and final web- and print-ready digital files. It does not cover the original digital RAW files: those may be purchased separately as outlined above. 

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! If you are not satisfied, I will refund your entire fee and you can keep all the web-ready digital files already completed. 

How do I set up a session?

Just send me an email at jashbowie@gmail.com.  We will go over your needs and set up a time and fee. 

When are you available?

I must confess something: photography is not my main profession. During the day, I am a mild-mannered clinical psychologist, working with high-needs children in a non-public school in San Rafael, CA. As such, my photographic work is "on the side"...this means that all my sessions need to happen in the evenings after 5pm, on the weekends, or over school holidays. 

When is the fee due?

The fee is due when the session is booked. The fee is non-refundable except in the case where you are unsatisfied with the final product. If the scope of the project changes after the fee is paid or even during the session, I am very flexible with negotiations. My primary goal is to make you a happy, satisfied customer. 

How do I pay?

My preferred method of payment is PayPal, although you may use a check if you like. 

When will my photos be ready?

Because every job is different, I cannot guarantee a delivery time. However, it is rare when I do not finish within three days. With small jobs, I often finish in a day. 

What should I do to prepare for a session?

A few key tips...first, don't get a haircut the day before. If you need one, give it at least a week. Next, avoid complex patterns or stripes in your clothes. Darker tops work better. Naturally it depends on the kind of portrait you want and how you are going to use it, so the best thing is to come prepared...pick out at least a couple of tops and several accessories (e.g. ties, scarves, necklaces, hats, earrings, etc). If you have something particular in mind, or if you are concerned about the final image, try to use Google image search to find a few examples that illustrate what you are going for. The more I know about what you want (and don't want), the more likely you'll be happy with the final photo. 

"I don't look good in photos" 

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me this. There are two common reasons why people don't look great in photos. The first is that most people who take photos simply don't know what they're doing. The second reason is the subject is generally shy, irritated, or otherwise disinterested in having their photo taken...and the resulting body language doesn't translate well in the image. A big part of what I do is help you relax and maybe even enjoy the photo taking experience, and that will really shine through in the portrait. And even if I fail at that (as unlikely as that is), I can and will make you look fabulous. I am so certain of this, I will give you back 100% of your fee if you don't like the final photos. 

What equipment do you use?

My primary camera is the awesome Nikon D750 digital SLR. I use several lenses, depending on the job, and I will rent a lens (at my own cost) if I need a specialty item. When I do studio work, I tend to use simple speedlights in various light shapers, like umbrellas, softboxes, and beauty dishes. 

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